PINNACLE OZONE SOLUTIONS offers the world’s most technically advanced, energy efficient, and reliable ozone systems. Our systems deliver 20-40% lower energy cost, and 35-50%  lower total operating cost versus conventional systems via the world’s first and only truly modular design. Our QuadBlock® ozone cells offer rugged, service-free operation, and the industry’s longest warranty. This performance is delivered in a footprint that is up to 60% smaller than competitors. All this from the only commercial ozone system entirely MADE IN THE USA.


Our patented completely modular quad-block design ensures a high level of redundancy minimizing downtime to nearly nothing. Our SLA Uptime is an impressive 99.9% over the life of the ozone generator.

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Ozone system service and reliability are considered in every design. To date, Pinnacle systems have logged over 15,000,000 hours of service since 2010. That’s why the South Central Regional Water Quality District in Bismarck, ND, selected Pinnacle Ozone Solutions for its North Burleigh WTP. Since installation in 2010, the system has delivered over 80,000 hours (and counting) of continuous reliable operation. The quality and innovation of our products are the reason why Pinnacle is rapidly becoming the choice of engineers & owners in North America.


Seamless system integration with reliability that is through the roof! Multiple fail-safes are put in place with the ability to make up for a failed node through flow adjustments.  Very small footprint with nearly silent operation.


Safety isn’t an option; it’s our most important job! Pinnacle Ozone Solutions designs and builds the industry’s only complete UL Listed ozone generator system. Our generator cells and system enclosures include industry-first safety features, such as: 

  • UL Listed QuadBlocks®
  • Isolated high-voltage components
  • Integrated High Frequency (23kHz) Power Supplies
  • Fully Sealed System Enclosures
  • Internal Ambient Ozone Detectors
  • Internal Hi-Concentration Ozone Analyzers
  • Integrated Isolation & Check Valves
  • Real-Time Systems Diagnostics & Trending
  • 50+ Built-In System Alarms