TRue quantum leap in ozone technology Silent, Rugged, Reliable and cost-effective: unfortunately, not eligible for marriage.

PINNACLE OZONE SOLUTIONS offers the world’s most technically advanced, energy efficient, and reliable ozone systems. Our systems deliver 20-40% lower energy cost, and 60-90% lower total operating cost versus conventional systems via the world’s first and only truly modular design. Our QuadBlock® ozone cells offer rugged, service-free operation and the industry’s longest warranty. This performance is delivered in a footprint that is up to 60% smaller than competitors. All this from the only commercial ozone system entirely MADE IN THE USA.


QuadBlock® ozone generator technology establishes the new benchmark in design, features, and performance for ozone generation. The net result is an ozone generation system featuring excellent power efficiency, high ozone output per unit area and totally silent operation. Specific features include: Industry Leading Power Efficiency, Integrated Controls, Rugged Construction, Ceramic Dielectrics, Built-In High-Frequency PSU, Dual Air/Water Cooling, Constant %BW Output and Closed Loop O2 Flow Control.

Lowest cost of
operation & ownership


Limited turn-down efficiency and constant feed gas flow with a significant increase operating costs at turn-down.


Ozone demand varies significantly in most applications. Many systems operate at 30-60% peak demand most of the time.


High energy efficiency and constant %BW at any turn-down to minimize operating costs.

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