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They Just Run.

For over a decade, Pinnacle Ozone Generators have been running with an incredible operational up time of 99.996%. We’ve spent the engineering hours to create new ozone technology that is guaranteed to just keep running.

Sanford, FL

Our patented completely modular quad-block design ensures a high level of redundancy minimizing downtime to nearly nothing. Our average downtime is less than 0.001% over the life of the ozone generator. 

We are the only water cooled ozone generator company in the world with with UL-508A listed safe equipment. Our team of expert engineers go to great lengths to ensure safety, security and reliability.

Unlike the old "tube and shell" style generators that require endless upkeep, our silent systems produce quality ozone year after year with virtually no maintenance or maintenance costs. 

What separates us from the rest?


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Meet the team behind Pinnacle Ozone

Chuck Smith

Ralph "Bud" Francis

Steve Smith

My experience with the Pinnacle Ozone has been nothing but positive. Pinnacle installed their Peak 1.5 Kg/hr ozone generator at our Phase I Fish House over 3 years ago... We’re so pleased with the Pinnacle product and the value it brings to our operation that we have a much larger Pinnacle Summit Ozone Generator and distribution control system arriving soon for our Phase II Fish House Expansion!

Dr. Steven Summfelt, PhD, PE


Completely custom design with seamless integration into your municipal needs.

Completely Modular

Certified Safe

Very Low Maintenance

Pinnacle Ozone completed installation of a 520 lb/d ozone generator system for a new 4.5 MGD water treatment facility in Sanford, FL. The new ozone system provides removal of color, dissolved organic carbon (DOC), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) as part of an innovative ozone + biologically activated carbon (BAC) treatment process. As part of the project, Pinnacle provided a turn-key ozone process including liquid oxygen (LOX) storage, Pinnacle Zenith™ ozone generator, triplex side-stream injection skid, chilled water cooling system, ozone destruct, and complete process controls. Completed with Pinnacle’s latest generation QuadBlock™ ozone generator cells, the system delivers 20% lower energy use than the original design.

Becancour, QC, Canada

In Summer of 2012 the city of Becancour, QC, Canada installed a Pinnacle Summit Series ozone system. The new system replaces older ozone technology and allows for ozone production and delivery to match real-time demand. Michel Carbonneau, the city’s superintendent of environmental health and one of the industry’s top treatment plant operators, was looking for a new ozone technology. Finding Pinnacle’s ozone system at an American trade show created a buzz, and immediately impressed him after seeing the system first hand at another facility. The system’s modularity, low maintenance, and process control, has led Michel to recommending our system, and sharing his experience to the industry since it’s successful installation.




Chuck Smith brings over 25 years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur to Pinnacle Ozone. Chuck has a long history as a technical visionary and pushes to deliver better technology, products and support to the ozone industry.

A co-founder of Pinnacle Ozone, Bud is the engineering genius behind our groundbreaking QuadBlock ozone technology. Bud has been a world-leading supplier of high-energy power supply components for ozone idustries for over 25 years.

Steve Smith brings over 20 years of experience as a business and financial manager. Steve's early experience in the automotive industry established his credentials in lean manufacturing and efficient supply chain operations.

Success Stories

North Burleigh Water Treatment Plant

In March 2010 the North Burleigh Water Treatment Plant near Bismarck, North Dakota installed a Pinnacle Summit™ Series ozone system. The new system replaces older technology and allows for ozone production and delivery to match real-time demand. Since installation, the new system has helped increase finished water production by over 64% while simultaneously reducing unit-operating cost by over 20%. As of August 2014, the Pinnacle ozone generation system has provided over 40,000 hours of continuous hours of service-free operation.  As of March 2020, the system has over 80,00 hours of total operation with they only downtime for routine annual preventative maintenance.  Annual PM only required the equipment be down for a few hours.

North Burleigh Water Treatment Plant

Sanford, FL

Becancour, QC, Canada

Learn how ozone generators effectively remove 1,4-dioxane from water supplies


Learn how ozone generators effectively remove 1,4-dioxane from water supplies