Our Testing Services Include
  • Sample kit preparation and sampling guidance
  • Ozone reaction rate
  • Injection and gas transfer performance
  • Total ozone demand
  • Expected treatment results
  • Performance certification reports

The single most important factor in ozone project success is a thorough understanding of your facility’s ozone demand profile. Our experience shows that many sites have ozone demand performance that can vary from 75% smaller to 100% higher than literature reported values.

Our in-house testing facilities can provide you with complete testing services from sample kits and guidance to complete system certification reports.

Ozone Application Development

Beyond demand testing, our ozone testing laboratory and in-house process engineering team can provide complete application development for your most challenging applications. Starting from an initial application questionnaire, Pinnacle’s engineering team can assist with sample collection, testing protocol development, and complete system engineering.

Results are developed into a turn-key system design for ozone generation, ozone injection, custom reactor design, ozone destruct, and complete process controls.


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