Becancour, QC, Canada

In the summer of 2012, Becancour, QC, Canada, installed a Pinnacle Summit series ozone system. The new system replaced older ozone technology, allowing for ozone production and delivery to match real-time demand. Michel Carbonneau, the city’s superintendent of environmental health and one of the industry’s top treatment plant operators, was looking for a new ozone technology. Finding Pinnacle’s ozone system at an American trade show created a buzz and immediately impressed him after seeing the system first hand at another facility. The system’s modularity, low maintenance, and process control have led Michel to...

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Burleigh, ND

In March 2010, the North Burleigh Water Treatment Plant near Bismarck, North Dakota, installed a Pinnacle Summit series ozone system. The new system replaced older technology, allowing ozone production and delivery to match real-time demand. Since installation, the new system has helped increase finished water production by over 64%, while simultaneously reducing unit operating cost by over 20%. As of August 2014, the system has provided over 40,000 hours of continuous service-free operation.

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Sanford, FL

Pinnacle Ozone completed the installation of a 520 lb/d ozone generator system for a new 4.5 MGD water treatment facility in Sanford, FL. The new ozone system provides removal of color, dissolved organic carbon (DOC), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) as part of innovative ozone and biologically activated carbon (BAC) treatment process. As part of the project, Pinnacle provided a turnkey ozone process including liquid oxygen (LOX) storage, Pinnacle Zenith ozone generator, triplex side-stream injection skid, chilled water cooling system, ozone destruct, and complete process controls. Completed with Pinnacle’s [...]

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Palm Coast WTP#3, FL

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